Landscape photography of Newcastle, Northumberland the North East and beyond

My photographic journey started with landscape photography and this is still a passion of mine.  I feel it has influences the style of some my other work such as my wedding photography.

I will be adding more of my landscapes to this section over time to please check back.

I can supply images of all sizes, prints, canvases, loose, framed. Just let me know what you are interested in and I'll give you a price!  As I don't have all my work on this website if there is a particular scene or location you are interested in let me know - I may well have something you might be interested in. Or why not commission me to take one specially for you - makes a great gift!

I also have some very large limited edition canvases of which this, 'The View' is the most popular. These images have been created using a technique of merging multiple exposures, both to ensure very high resolution and also to capture the full detail of light and shadows in each scene not usually possible in 'normal' photography. Each images is composed of between 10 and 30 separate exposures seamlessly merged together. The result is a dramatic image of unusual clarity and extreme detail which jumps from the canvas! As a result these images are particularly effective as large canvases.  The website doesn't do it justice - it needs to be seen BIG!  These have provided popular gifts for someone special and come from a limited run of 100 together with a certificate of authenticity..  Get in touch for more information.



Limited edition panoramas